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Before the Tour

Common questions....

Yes and then No. The deposit you pay at the point of booking is fully refundable in case of cancelation by the Tour Operator due to insufficient number of participants.
Cancellations received more than 60 days prior to departure will be subject to a 300 Euro per person cancellation fee. Cancellations received less than 60 days prior to departure will not be refundable. Trip Cancellation Insurance is strongly recommended.

Yes. You must have travel insurance in place to cover you for medical treatment and repatriation to your home country in the unlikely event this is required.

You must travel with the following original documents
ID card: Valid 
Driving License: Showing Motorcycle Entitlement
Motorcycle Registration Document 
Motorcycle Insurance 
Road Tax / License: Your vehicle must be taxed and legal in your home country even if ridden abroad 
Travel Insurance: Policy details and telephone numbers
If you are riding a hire motorcycle, please see the Hire Bike FAQs

No, sorry! Air flights must be booked through a specialist Air Travel Agent or directly with the airline.

We will truck your bike to the start point and have it ready for you to collect on the first day of your tour. We will give you a date when you need to drop your bike into a regional logistic center. Our transport company will pick it up from there and then re-deliver it after the tour.


We have special transportation cages to ensure that your bike is completely protected. Each bike is in an individual cage. The vehicles are always parked in secure locations when loaded.

On Tour

Common questions....

This varies according to the tour and the nature of the riding, so please check the individual tour itinerary. Typically it will be between 200-250 kilometers per day. We privilege quality time (leisure, visiting…) and winding roads. 

Yes. Check the itinerary for details. Some days we will ride well bellow the average kms in order to give you the opportunity to enjoy special locations (beaches or cities)

The ride level is accessible to any rider.

Yes. All our tours can be enjoyed by rider and passenger.

No. Sorry we don’t have the facility to transport non riding passengers. That’s not to say they cannot fly and follow the itinerary or part of it in a rented car. 

We take a maximum of 11 bikes on tour.  With 1 guide and central monitoring, we cover the full needs to meet a high standard of pleasure and safety.

We book exclusively historic, 5-star and boutique hotels. The things we look for are elegance, discrete luxury, cozy atmosphere, extraordinary service, parking for the bikes on location.

All meals are included. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You must have breakdown cover insurance to tour with us. We will do everything we can to assist you in getting the bike repaired or finding alternative transport and staying with the tour. However we must also recognize that the tour must go on for the sake of all the other clients on tour.
We will have the support of a network of mechanic repair throughout the tour.

One guide will be with you at all times. Our back office knows and monitors at all times your location.

All our Tour Leaders are experienced riders and fluent in English, French ans Spanish.

The weather in Portugal is usually sunny and warm, never the less we recommend a soft rain suit just in case. It does not take too much space and you never know. 
See here (http://portaldoclima.pt/en) the weather historical data.

No. You are welcome to ride with the Tour Leader or to ride independently. See “Our Touring Style” page.

No, we don´t. We want you to enjoy the freedom of motorcycle touring and not be left waiting for your bags at the end of the day.
However, we can transport (going and return) 1 backpack per participant to an hotel in mid tour. Please label it with participant's name in a visible position.

Hire Bikes

Common questions....

Yes. You can join the tour with a hired bike.